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Notice: COVID-19 Update October 12, 2022

Please note, our office location has changed. We are now located at 3455 Old County Rd in Greenbank.  For directions please click here.
We continue to follow COVID-19 social distancing and sanitization guidelines.  This means all patients are asked to wear a mask to their appointment.  Additionally, our reception area is limited to no more than 3 people at one time.  If there is no room in the reception area you may wait on the bench provided outside or in your car until space becomes available.  
Thank you in advance for complying with these safety protocols.
We hope everyone is staying well and we look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Nate Steele

I’ve grown up with chiropractic’s influence all around me.  As a child, spending time in the office was a given – my parents were there!  Looking back I realize I saw from a young age that my father loved his work and that grumpy people would walk in (or sometimes crawl) and then happier people would walk out.
This simple understanding of chiropractic’s positive influence came back to me in 7th grade when considering options in careers class.  I thought about the jobs I’d like to pursue and kept reflecting on this experience of seeing people’s lives improve as a result of chiropractic care.

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Your Body

More Than A Machine:
Your body has innate intelligence. It knows how to grow, how to repair itself, and how to adapt to new surroundings, all without conscious thought on your part. Your body and brain together are far more powerful than even a very sophisticated machine or computer. Your body is a superb vehicle for enjoying your life…

Our Philosophy

Create Health:
At Peak Performance, our goal is to help you create your own health. We want to empower you as an individual to be healthy and reach your full potential. We consider health to be the measure of how well you are adapting to and enjoying your life. Our mission is to make this a better world for everyone. We believe that life is better when we seek balance…

Our Method

Dr. Steele utilizes a blend of specific upper-cervical techniques. These methods use a light touch to trigger reflexes as part of the body’s own inherent healing capacity. Upper-cervical chiropractic has evolved from the work of chiropractic pioneers like B.J. Palmer, famous for the “Palmer Method.” He sought to revolutionize health care with a new perspective: that health comes from within…

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