What Others Say About Peak Performance

“It’s hard to choose only THREE  attributes to describe Nate! He is a gifted and intuitive chiropractor who knows how to listen to the body and help it get back to where it wants to be. I was so thrilled to find a NUCCA chiropractor, not just on Whidbey Island, but right in Coupeville! I have recommended Nate many  timeTestamonials to clients and have always heard back great things about his  work.”

“We can’t think of anything more important that a person, or family, could accomplish.  When we think of Dr. Milton and his wife Patty, or Dr. Nate and his wife Shantina, we have a sense of true integrity and compassion.  What a beautiful example you have set for others.”

“Dr. Steele has a way of communicating NUCCA in a very simple way and it has made all the difference in my life.”

“I’m a fairly new resident of Coupeville and have been coming to see Dr. Nate for only a few months.  Before I decided to make my first appointment, I spoke with you on the phone, and you gave me all the time I needed for answering the many questions I had, those which helped me to decide whether Peak Performance offered the kind of chiropractic care I wanted.  Despite having to juggle patients, files, and all the other things required of a busy receptionist, you made me feel as if I was the only person you had to deal with that day, and the most important person in the room.  When I arrived for my appointment, you remembered me, and each time I came in, you were waiting with a warm smile.  Whenever I sat in reception waiting for my appointment, I noticed how you made all the clients feel as if you had a personal interest in them, and it didn’t feel fake or forced.  Your nature is gentle, kind, and welcoming.”

“Dr. Nate is so passionate and enthusiastic about his life, his work, and all the people in it.  I have been lucky enough to receive some of the finest chiropractic treatment available in Canada, England and the States, but I honestly feel that Dr. Nate is the best practitioner of them all.  The method of his treatment is excellent, but the person who delivers it, is very special indeed.  Not only is he willing to listen and discuss, but he’s genuinely interested in his patients, their recovery and health.  I look forward to my visits with Nate and I always walk out having learned something new, interesting and valuable.”

“I injured my neck in the early 1990’s and had a terrible experience for several years dealing with extreme back pain, and a host of chiropractic tinkering that I found did very little (over time) to alleviate my overall continuous pain.  I originally visited Dr. Steele and found the whole NUCCA way of chiropractic adjusting to be a whole new, and very rewarding experience.  I had never given the standard adjustments by other chiropractors much thought prior to my first NUCCA adjustment.  Now that I know the difference I could never let anyone touch my neck or back in the manner to which I had previously sought relief.”

“Confidence that our doctor has our best interest in mind and that he can work with us for our health benefit is very comforting.”

“My husband was having so many problems with his back that he was dragging his left foot which was not a good thing for a mail carrier.  The day my husband received his first NUCCA adjustment was the day he found relief.  We have been coming to Peak Performance ever since, and that was 30 years ago!  After our son was born we noticed he was not hearing anything.  We went to the doctor and he agreed and set up and appointment with Children’s Hospital in Seattle.  Meanwhile we mentioned it to Dr. Milton and he suggested we bring our son in so we could see if he needed an adjustment.  This was not easy for a mom since our son was only 6 weeks only.  I finally relented.  I can still remember holding that little baby on my knees and Dr. Milton telling me that after the adjustment my baby would spontaneously cry and not to worry, it was normal.  That is exactly what happened but the best part was 3 days later.  Our older son was playing with finger cymbals in the living room and we noticed the baby flinching with every beat!  To this day our son has never had any more problems with his hearing.”

“What can I say, you are the very best and the most wonderful Doctor ever!  You are so very lucky to have had the Dad you had throughout your life.  Not to mention a superior Mom!  You are the one and only Doctor in my lifetime that I totally feel as easy and comfortable with, do not ever change, and keep the faith.”

“I had a particular problem that truly made me a believer.  I began experiencing vertigo, which I had never had before and didn’t know what was causing it.  I went to several doctors and was given tranquilizers, and various other medications to no avail.  After over a month, I went to Peak Performance Chiropractic for my regular visit and I mentioned my vertigo.  I explained that I had been experiencing dizziness and nausea from the vertigo.  I was checked and it was discovered that I was out of alignment so I was given a NUCCA adjustment.  I couldn’t believe that the next time I felt a wave of dizziness starting, it just fizzled out like a faint memory before I could even brace myself for the nausea and instability that normally came.  What a wonderful relief!  That was the last incidence of vertigo that I have experienced since that day, over 18 years ago!”

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