The chiropractic mission in a nutshell…

Visually interesting video explaining the main chiropractic principle: removing interference to the communication between brain and body so ALL our bodily systems are getting the messages they need to function properly. No matter what our health issues (seen or unseen), at a minimum we need our brain and body to be able to communicate fully and clearly!

Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

We hear a lot of people asking about how the Affordable Care Act will affect us here in Washington.  Today I found the following pages that were very helpful in helping me to understand what is coming:

…and the place to go if you are uninsured and looking to find out what will be available this fall in terms of health care coverage or if you are currently insured and want to compare what you already have with other possibilities:

If you are needing to find out how to learn about the Affordable Care Act in your state try:

Hope this is helpful!

What is NUCCA?

Dr. Nate was interviewed by Dr. Thom Rogers, ND of our local public radio station KWPA for the radio program Healthwaves.  The interview is very informative and answers questions about NUCCA, Chiropractic, the nervous system and overall health.  Clicking on the following link will begin the download which will take approximately 10-15 minutes to download depending on your internet speed.  Once the download is complete open the file, sit back and enjoy!  Email us or call if you have any questions, we are always happy to talk!



Health Care Act News

Feeling lost regarding President Obama’s Health Care Act?  You are not alone!  Take a look at this New York Times article to learn the latest:

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