Welcome to Peak Performance!

Location & Contact


Our office is just off Main Street, about one block from the waterfront of Penn Cove (famous for Penn Cove Mussels!) in Coupeville.

Have questions? We offer a 30-minute no-charge consultation with the Doctor. There is no cost or further obligation with this appointment.

Clinic Location:
11 NW Coveland Street, Suite B, Coupeville, WA on Whidbey Island

Mailing Address and Phone:
P. O. Box 471,
Coupeville, WA 98239

Phone: 1-360-678-5400
Fax: 1-360-678-1576

Email: peakperfchiro@gmail.com

Office Hours:
Monday 12-3:30 & 4:30-7
Tuesday 9-2:30 & 3:30-5
Wednesday 10-2:30 & 3:30-6
Thursday 9-2:30 & 3:30-5


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