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Our Method: Correction

photo_nateA Gentle Touch

Once your X-rays have been analyzed, we will be able to proceed with your first adjustment so that your head and neck can come back into alignment around the brainstem.

You will lie on either your left or right side depending on what is indicated by your X-rays. On the specialized adjusting table, your head is supported by a small platform that can be moved up or down so that your neck is in precisely the right position. The doctor then gently contacts the side of your neck to direct your head and neck back into the right relationship, a healthy, balanced position.

Many patients literally feel nothing other than the hands of the doctor or the tip of the adjusting instrument on their skin and are surprised when told that the procedure is over. Even in more difficult and complicated cases, there is no pain, just a slight muscular or gentle warming sensation.

It is important to remember that healing is a process not an event. You may not feel an immediate sensation of well-being or relief. That will come later, over several days, weeks or even months, as your brain and body begin to communicate more freely and clearly and as your body’s innate intelligence once again expresses itself through your natural healing abilities.

After your first adjustment, a second set of X-rays is taken right away to confirm that the adjustment was successful.  Usually, this is the only time X-rays are taken as the other measurements made during your follow-up care are sufficient to track the progress of your alignment and the pattern found on these original X-rays have provided the “road map” for the doctor to be able to deliver your precise adjustment when needed in the future.

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