FAQ ImageDoes it hurt?

No. The method is extremely gentle. Many patients do not know the doctor is adjusting them as he does it. Often you will only feel the touch of his hands on your skin. Occasionally, you may feel a slight muscular or gentle warming sensation.

How long will it take?

Our initial time together to establish your care includes an exam, structural measurements and your 1st adjustment which normally takes 1 hour.  This time is usually scheduled to occur all at once.  Subsequent appointments take less time, approximately 20-30 minutes each.

Every patient is different and our body needs time to repair and heal so the time it takes to feel better varies. However, most patients report some improvement in the first week. As time passes and you hold your adjustments better and for longer periods of time, you should continue to notice increasing improvements in the quality of your life.

How can adjusting my neck help my lower back, sciatica, headaches, digestion, immune system, or other problem areas?

The upper cervical adjustment works because it removes the interference from your nervous system at the level of the brainstem thus allowing your body to work more efficiently. After an adjustment, your body and brain can communicate more freely and clearly with each other. Your body will respond to messages your brain sends out and restore its own working balance.

Why do I need maintenance care?

Maintenance care is a good idea because it keeps your brain and body communicating freely and clearly. Stress is a constant whether in physical, chemical or emotional form. The three “T”s, Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts, will continue to stress you. Most of us still retain the old habits that were causing part of the stress load. No one holds an adjustment correctly forever. Making sure that your spine is kept properly aligned will help prevent future crisis and support optimal body function.

My back doesn’t hurt and I don’t have any symptoms, so I don’t need to come in for care, right?

Well, what would your dentist say? By the time you feel symptoms, chances are you have already been misaligned for some time. This is not unlike a cavity in your tooth that you don’t feel until it has had time to injure the nerve. Do we wait for the engine to seize before we change the oil? Remember, regardless of how you feel imbalance indicates a problem. The real question is, “do I want to struggle from crisis to crisis or seek peak performance?”.

Should children be checked for subluxations?

There is no more active time in life than childhood; it is a physically demanding stage of life. Learning to master most activities, walking, climbing, bicycle riding, skateboarding and so on, leads to many falls, bumps, and jars. The steady pace of growth and development relies on the nervous system for direction.  Trauma and stress early in life can cause spinal subluxation and set the stage for a life of performing at less than your peak. Everyone benefits from clear communication between brain and body. A check for misalignment takes less than five minutes. Why not make sure your child is growing up balanced?

Can chiropractic help diseases such as cancer, ulcers, heart problems, high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, or chronic fatigue?

The chiropractic adjustment is offered to help you create your own health, not to treat disease or its symptoms. As such we do not claim to cure these specific problems. What we do promise is that keeping yourself well adjusted and allowing your body and brain to communicate freely and clearly through your nervous system will help you to achieve peak performance and enjoy your life more fully. It will give your body a better chance to heal itself and promotes Quality of Life in each individual.

How does something so gentle do any good?

When it comes to influencing such a delicate and sensitive part of your body as the brainstem, gentleness is preferred over more forceful approaches. And the more accurately the adjustment is delivered, the more gentle the adjustment can be. Our approach is gentle because excess force is simply not necessary. By utilizing your own reflexes the head and neck respond very easily to a light touch. The specially trained sensitivity of a gentle upper cervical chiropractor as he or she lightly contacts the neck is all you need for a successful adjustment.

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