Dr. Nate Steele

edit-7I’ve grown up with chiropractic’s influence all around me.  As a child, spending time in the office was a given – my parents were there!  Looking back I realize I saw from a young age that my father loved his work and that grumpy people would walk in (or sometimes crawl) and then happier people would walk out.

This simple understanding of chiropractic’s positive influence came back to me in 7th grade when considering options in careers class.  I thought about the jobs I’d like to pursue and kept reflecting on this experience of seeing people’s lives improve as a result of chiropractic care.

Improving Quality of Life is the common thread that winds through every chiropractic success story and is broadly a story of the restoration of balance and harmony from the inside out.  But that goal is rarely what motivates someone to seek a chiropractor’s help.  Usually, it is pain that gets our attention and can lead to desperate measures like (gasp!) seeing a chiropractor.  It can feel like we are stuck when experiencing a health crisis. But with help and guidance, we can move through the healing process and begin to stabilize. Working together, the healing power inherent in each of us gains momentum.  Once the “storm” has passed many people choose to make chiropractic part of a healthy lifestyle, keeping balance and harmony as a regular influence in their lives.

My understanding of chiropractic deepened as I worked through my studies at the birthplace of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.   I learned and put language to a philosophy that my parents had just simply lived.  One day I had a revelation and sudden appreciation for the power we all possess to heal ourselves and express our inborn potential for life and health.  I remember calling home excited about this discovery and asking, “Why didn’t you tell me this was what chiropractic was all about?”  My mother’s response was “well, we thought you got that at the breakfast table!”

My motivation is selfish- I like helping people.  Improving the lives of others improves my life as well.  I love a win-win outcome!  So thank you to all my patients whom I am truly blessed to serve.   If you are wondering if what I do can help you, consider scheduling a consultation to find out.  Life is better in balance!

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